Our Features

Rocketpad provides an all-in-one solution for electronic data capture and fundraiser management, streamlining your processes for maximum efficiency, all from your tablet device.

Instant feedback

Fundraisers get instant feedback on pledges, managers monitor performance as it happens.

Easy to customise

Software should adapt to suit your organisation, not the other way around.


Built to exceed industry standards in security. Let us help reduce your PCI scope.

Accurate real-time data. So you can start making better decisions, sooner.

  • Point of sign up validation to ensure data accuracy
  • Validate credit cards and email addresses instantly
  • Track pledges captured by each fundraiser in real-time
  • Track work hours through easy-to-access timesheets
  • Data-monitoring dashboards for quick monitoring

Customisable. Where the real value starts.

  • Integrates into any CRM software
  • Update CRM automatically and in real time
  • Connects directly to your email and SMS services
  • Customisable media for promoting your brand
  • Export timesheets to your payroll system

Advanced Door-to-Door. Take it to the next level.

  • Track the outcome of each address visited
  • Preload existing data for targeted campaigns
  • Manage turf on team or individual level
  • Integrate local census or other data
  • Predict performance before knocking on a single door

Back office support. Make the most of your data.

  • See data in real time, not in days or weeks
  • View, edit, and approve fundraisers timesheets
  • Implement your points systems so it happens automatically
  • Detailed metrics by programme, team, or fundraiser
  • Review, plan, and assign geographical areas to door teams


Get in touch for the full details and to go through a demo of Rocketpad.

Do I need to host Rocketpad on my servers?

Rocketpad is fully serviced, so no need for the expense and hassle of maintaining your own servers. All you need are the tablets to run the Rocketpad software on and you're ready to go.

Can I add new fields to the pledge form?

Absolutely! This is where Rocketpad excels because it can be customised to your organisation's particular needs. Because Rocketpad can be tweaked like this you can continual improve on your pledge process.

Will this work with my CRM system?

Almost certainly, as long as it can import a CSV file it will work. Rocketpad's export file format can be customised, or if your CRM has an API available Rocketpad can connect directly to it for real time data insertion.

Can Rocketpad send a welcome email and SMS?

Yes Rocketpad can send a welcome email and SMS for each new pledge, the contents of which are decided by you. Rocketpad can also connect to third party services if you wish to handle communications another way.

Will the Rocketpad App work offline?

Yes, Rocketpad is designed to work offline for long periods of time, while maintaining data security, allowing you to continue your work in low connectivity areas without interruption.